Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekend Update...

This weekend, my college roommate and his lovely wife came up for a visit. The weekend could not really have gone any better than it did …except for the overwhelming tea house we popped into on Sunday night. I thought Teresa’s head was going to explode as she considered the 50+ tea varieties available to her. It was a bit on the stressful side, for sure. We ended up walking out of the place with a peanut butter cookie for Philip instead.

But we did have a great day on the slopes. We went to Sunshine Village because it is known for still having great snow even this late in the season. When we arrived, it was pretty icy, but as the sun did its work… the snow softened up and by the end of the day, we had some great skiing conditions to work with. The wind, however, was relentless. There was a moment when I just had to sit down because the wind was about to blow me over. Phil and I considered taking the final lift up to the very top… but we reconsidered it as the wind picked up. We both agreed that such a final run would not be as fun as we would like.

We ended the trip at Diner Deluxe. I was worried I had oversold the place to them… but judging by their reactions, it was a hit. Phil had banana stuffed chocolate French toast. Come on, right? It tasted even better than it sounds.

Old friends really are the best. I have known Philip for about 12 years, and anytime we get together, things just flow. And as I said to someone else… old friends who bring with them new friends (like spouses) are even better.

Stay tuned as I hope to put some pics up from the weekend. Since I don’t have a camera, I will have to steal the pics from their blog.

(So if anyone feels sorry for me for not having a camera… my birthday is in July.)

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