Friday, November 09, 2007

Calgarian Winter Fast Approaching

So I have been up here in Calgary for about three weeks. The temperature has been hovering around the freezing level, but it always seems to jump up to around 50 by the afternoon. However, I think that period of grace is about to end soon. I have been told that the temperature can get down to -40 (which, by the way, is where the Celcius and Farenheit scales meet. At -40, they are both the same... just a bit of trivia for those who care).

So this morning I had a nice brisk walk from my apartment to the office. I live just under one mile from work. Now that is the same distance between work and home in Houston as well, with one minor difference. Humidity. I walk to work up here, but would never dream of doing so in Houston. But back to this morning....

There is a system of sky walks called the "+15." It is named that because it is 15 feet from ground level. During the harsh winter mornings, this is where I will be between 7:30am and 7:45 am. But until then, I tend to walk outside and enjoy the nice cool weather.

As I was walking today, I noticed something that some of you will find enjoyable... and others will find annoying. The streets were littered with people carrying Red Cups of coffee.

Now those little cups are not only a sign to me that Christmas is fast approaching... but also that the coldest winter I have ever experienced is right around the corner.