Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Airports & Imaginations

On Saturday, I arrived at the airport at 1:30 to pick up my friends who were supposed land around 1:45. Well, when I got there, I saw this young dude holding a huge bouquet of flowers. He was looking anxiously at the door where passengers from all US flights must pass through. I was intrigued by this because he clearly was expecting someone special.

He realized that the object of his affection was not arriving as soon as he expected, so he took a seat in some chairs that faced the above mentioned passages way. My intrigue continued to grow. At one point, I could see a huge smile on his face... but he was trying to be cool about it. Someone commented on his flowers, and he fought hard not to show how excited he was.

So I sat waiting... for my friends, of course... but also for this couple to be united. I had the whole scenario planned out in my head. I even texted a friend of mine who I knew would appreciate the story. She informed me that we were both weird for being so interested... and I agreed. But it was just so much fun for me.

Alas, the love of this guy's life arrived after I had already left... so I am not sure if her enthusiasm was a great as his. But the friend I texted is convinced that he proposed there in the airport... and they will live happily ever after. I like this ending, actually... so we will go with it.

And as promised, here are some pics from the weekend. If I had a camera, I would have taken a picture of flower dude... but again, I don't own one. (hint, hint)


thePiks said...

Some people have the gift of people watching, and it seems that you are one of them. How interesting that you involved someone who wasn't even there in your people watching. So funny! Amanda

Shanna said...

How do you know the guy wasn't waiting on another guy? I'm just sayin'.