Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Edamame and Catan

I tell you what, I truly enjoy edamame (soybeans). I think the only reason I feel this is blog-worthy is that I am eating lunch, and my lunch has some soybeans in it. Regardless, here is the deal... they look like lima beans, but they are so completely different from lima beans. I am repulsed by lima beans... I think it is all in the texture. Lima beans are mushy... soybeans are crisp.

So there you have it... a basic pro/con on the lima bean vs. the soybean.

In other news, the game referred to by Jeanine spoke of in her comment on my last post is called Settlers of Catan. I have only played twice (well, I played a knock-off version once and the original once). Regardless, the game is all about strategy. Your goal is to settle the Island of Catan. To do this, you must trade with other would-be settlers to build your settlments. I am not very good at the game. A dear friend of mine was trying to encourage me by saying that it probably takes a few time to get the hang of it. She, however, grasped it the first time. I just can't read the board like everyone else. Now there is a huge element of luck in the game. You role dice... and much of the game is based on probability. But probability does not always go the way it should.

So, Jeanine... you will have to just play the game to understand it. The rules take about an hour to explain... but it is worth it once you know what you are doing.

I just finished my lunch, and I want more edamame. I am addicted...

Monday, January 15, 2007


Being that it is 11:40, I am ready to go to lunch. So I was just thinking to myself, "I want to eat something delicious for lunch..." As those words rolled through my mind, some antagonistic words marched up to the line as if to wage war. Those words were, "healthy... salad... eat better in 2007..."

I am not kidding when I say that there was a visible change in my facial expression.... so now I am left to decide: Delicious or Healthy?


Monday, January 08, 2007

I am a week behind...

Last week, I kept hearing everyone say how tired they were. For whatever reason, I was fine last week. But today... totally different story. Now I am not tired enough to eat cheese paper, but I am tired nonetheless.

In other news, my roommates and I have HD TV now. I am a little disappointed with how excited I am about it, but it really is nice watching anything in HD. I can't wait to see the Lost spring premier on it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Blast from the past...

This morning, I pulled out an old Nickel & Dime CD (or rather, I scrolled down to it on my iPod) and played "Ultimate Man." I remember this song being very meaningful to me back in my college days... and it was just as impactful today - probably because I had just read the third chapter of Hosea.

In any event, here are the lyrics (simple and concise):

You are the One who has healed me
You are the One who has saved me
You are the One who forgives me
You are the Maker of mercy

You are the Ultimate Man
You are the One with no sin
My hands are dirty, Lord, my tongue is dry
The way I'm living makes me wonder why
You love me still
Ultimate Man