Friday, April 04, 2008

In the vernacular...

Which of the following sentences rolls off the tongue easier?

"We will use y'alls numbers in our calculation."

"We will use your guys's numbers in our calculation."


It depends on the address of the house you grew up in, I guess.

As you can imagine, this southern boy get no small amount of flack for my constant use of the work y'all. But I have noticed that the Canucks sound just as strange to me when they say "your guys's." So in the end, I guess we're even.

[But be honest... "y'all" just works better]


Alyssa said...

"Y'all" DEFINITELY sounds better!

"Your guys's"? Come On!

Laurie said...

I have no idea what a 'tounge' is but if y'all have one, I want one too. ;)

My apologies for pointing out your mistakes. But at least I let the two spelling errors in the last paragraph slide.

Love ya, Toddy!
p.s. You don't have to publish this comment...

Todd Richards said...

I actually didn't even read Laurie's last part about me not having to publish her comment...

thePiks said...

>Canucks sound just as strange to me when they say "your guys's."

I think it is actually spelled guys' . I still say that most of the time. Montana is great.