Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lots of random things...

First... Laurie Johnson has outdone herself in the "let's exploit our friends" category of the Blog world. Tip of the hat to you, my dear.

Second... my nephew is now 1 year and 2 weeks old. I feel bad for not posting his birthday pictures earlier, so here are a few:

His first taste of sugar... and oh, how he enjoyed it!

With his mom...

With his dad...

Landon held up very well under the stress of his first birthday party.

Third... Underdogs.. also known as "Cinderella Teams" and "Mid Majors." Within the NCAA basketball tournament, there are always a handful of teams that are seeded between 4 and 13 (my estimated range) that surprise the nation. This year's winner is George Mason University. This team is an 11 seed in this year's tournament, and they have made their way to the Final Four (knocking off the likes of Michigan St, UNC, and UCONN - none of whom are teams to be disregarded by any means). As a Louisiana boy, I would love to see LSU win the championship, but seeing GMU win would definitely make for a better story... Of course, to people who care about such things, this post is not news; and to those for whom it is news... well, they probably just don't care (but they should).

Fourth... I am finally starting to add links to other blogs. If you are not there yet, don't fret... you will be soon. (yes, I just said don't fret... )

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March Madness, BABY!!

This weekend, some friends and I traveled up to Dallas, TX to watch some 1st and 2nd round NCAA tournament action. Good times were had by all, and I got to know a couple of the guys in the group better... which was definitely a major highlight of the trip. But aside from that, below is my Top Ten Favorite things about the weekend (this is a Top Ten that is really in chronological order):

10. Staying it the McDonalds Fried Apple Pie box. Check out the "exterior" picture on the website... the nickname is courtesy of D-Luxe.

9. The Defense Lady. Everyone in and around section 321 of the AA Center on Friday knows exactly who I am talking about. Sweet old lady... who just really wanted Memphis to do well on defense.

8. Asking for silverware 3 times... and never getting it. During the break between sessions on Friday, we went to a small Itallian eatery for dinner. Well, the place was pretty well packed... and one of the guys in our group just wanted a fork with which to eat his cheesecake. He asked politely three times... and ended up having to wipe off the fork of another guy at our table in order to enjoy his dessert.

7. Omar Wilkes amazing bucket against N.C. State. As put it: "The shot of the game came from Bears sophomore Omar Wilkes, who in one leap caught, spun and fired a long 3-pointer as the 35-second clock was expiring." Defintely the highlight shot of the weekend in the bracket we saw.

6. Riding the Hooters bus to stay dry. We couldn't get a cab... it was raining... the Hooters bus was beckoning us to ride it. What could we do? The full story is that we just rode the bus to Hooters so we could go inside to wait for a cab.

5. The quest for LSU apparel. On Saturday, I wanted to sport some purple and gold to support the Tigers against the beloved Aggies. Well, this sent us on a fun, dangerous, and somewhat illegal journey. Our driver (who shall remain nameless) handled himself well as he drove the wrong direction on a feeder. Truly a highlight of the weekend...

4. Fried Twinkies. Wow! Rich doesn't even begin to describe it. Deliciously disgusting is more like it.

3. Watching LSU Tiger Darrel Mitchell make a three point jumper to win against the Aggies. This one we saw on TV... but it was exciting nonetheless.

2. Running from the parking lot to the AA Center in what must have been one of the worst storms to hit Dallas in 2006. This was quite possibly the funniest moment that happened the whole weekend. We couldn't do anything but run in a torential downpour... and laugh at ourselves, of course. And then... we had to stop at a stop light for traffic. I think I may have cussed, actually. At one point, someone said, "Is that hail?" I think it was..

1. Cheering against UT... in Dallas... TWICE. I have no beef against the University of Texas, but I did cheer against them in both of their games this weekend. The mighty Quakers and the Wolfpack both had me in their corners because everyone likes an upset in March.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oscar... not what he used to be.

I will start with this... the fact that Crash won Best Picture restores my "respect" (for lack of a better word) for the Academy. It truly is a great movie. Difficult to watch in parts, but some great commentary on human behavior. I highly recommend checking it out if you have not.

The rest of the Oscars were somewhat underwhelming to me. It almost seems as if the whole Oscars event has passed its prime. Could it be that there are just too many other award shows these days? Not sure. Or maybe it is more a function of my own perception of Hollywood and such. Thoughts?