Monday, September 18, 2006

Featured Pandora Station - Denison Witmer

Taking the advice of Eye Doctor Justin, I have landed on Denison Witmer for this week's Pandora artist. Since I will only be working two days this week and three days next week... Denison will be the featured artist for two weeks.

I have yet to hear this dude... so I have no idea what to expect. But I am sure it will be worth my time as Justin has good music taste (even though he does not want to be called a musician).

Peace out...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Addiction...

So I have spent the past three days catching myself up on Lost. I have been watching the second season on DVD... about two each night. I am halfway through with season 2, and have two weeks before season 3 starts.

If you are not on this bandwagon, jump on as soon as you can. However, do so at your own risk. It will suck you in and keep you.

Just now, I was on the elevator and I pushed the button for my floor. Well, it lit up as normal... and then went dark again. This happens quite frequently because our building is old... and I normally don't give it a second thought. But today, it caught my attention because of all the Lost episodes I have been watching. I mean that is the kind of thing that happens to these people (well, except that there are no elevators on the island... that we know of yet).

But to make matters worse... I work on floor 23.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm Matt Burgundy?

It is no secret that two things I enjoy very much are the movie Anchorman, and sermons by Matt Chandler. (yes, I know the verses in James about salt water and fresh water coming from the same spring... and olives growing on fig trees...)

Anyway, this morning I was listening to part 13 of a 20 part series on the book of Hebrews taught by Matt Chandler (a great series of talks that I recommend to anyone - check them out here. They are dated 1.8.06-5.21.06).

OK... so back to the point (this is the most A.D.D. post ever).

So about 20 minutes into the talk, he is trying to make a point about why God gave us the Law. He says, "I'm gonna throw this out there... if you want it, take it..." Now you could hear a handful of people in the congregation laughing pretty loudly (I would have been one of those people, to be sure). And then Matt realized that only this handful got what he said and then he started laughing as well. He said, "some of you are with me..." He then continued on with his point.

Those who like and appreciate Anchorman will find humor here... the rest of you will just think I am a little high right now.

Oh... and the point about why God gave us the Law was not so that it could make us perfect (because it can't). Instead, God gave us the Law to show us that we need Jesus to save us because we can't obey the Law.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Featured Pandora Station - Guster

This week's Pandora station is Guster. I made it through the week of country music, but I will not likely be doing that again for a while. That music is just not enjoyable to me unless I am dancing...

Guster may produce some stuff very similar to other stations I have listened to in the past, so we'll see.

If anyone has any suggestions for future Pandora stations... just let me know.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I Just Don't Get It...

While reading Runner's World (a truly enjoyable groomsman gift) in the past few weeks, I have learned about two events that I can only describe as crazy.

The first one is a 50 day event being undertaken by a man named Dean Karnazes. On September 17, he will run the first of 50 marathons in Missouri (that's 26.2 miles in case you were not aware). He will then run another marathon (did I mention the fact that a marathon is 26.2 miles?!?!) each day for the next 49 days - finishing in New York City on November 5. He will be running a marathon in each of our country's 50 states. A total of 1,310 miles in 50 days. Click here for more information on this.

The second one is an annual event that takes place on a mountain... Pike's Peak to be exact. Runners (crazy runners, I might add) run 13.39 miles up the mountain, and then come back down. WHAT? This event is limited to 800 people, and the most recent one (August 20) filled its quota in 23 hours. It takes most people around 9 hours to finish. That is 9 hours of absolute insanity, if you ask me.