Thursday, May 04, 2006

Context is Everything

Last night, just before a leadership meeting, I was overheard saying the following words (with a fair amount of excitement and gusto):

"He is definitely kissable."

Now... given those words alone, one of the other individuals quickly turned to find out what exactly I was referring to.

Well, the full context of the story was that I was showing a new picture of my nephew (not the one below, but one almost as cute). Laurie Johnson pointed out that the picture I was showing displayed his pouty kissable lips. I was simply affirming that my 1 year old nephew truly is kissable. I mean check this picture out... he is eating a cracker (you can see a crumb on the right side of his mouth), but wouldn't you agree that he is definitely kissable?


Laurie said...

I could kiss him right now! I am still laughing thinking about that moment last night...the look on Tim's face when he heard you say those words. Too funny.

Michael & Meg said...

Only you would get caught saying something like that! I got a good laugh out of that one! And yes, he is adorable!!

Mandy said...

Yep, that sounds like a Richards comment that would be overheard by mistake. :) Landon is adorable!

Megan said...

definitely & that is a classic richards moment! i'll have to share with my todd.

Sarah said...

I completely agree ... Landon definitely IS kissable. Then again, I'm probably biased; I've chosen to spend the rest of my career around miniature humans. :)

Seriously, your nephew is adorable!