Friday, May 12, 2006

You Did What? In Your Shirt?

OK... so last week, I was on a retreat with many of the singles from my church. (The same one that birthed the legend now known as "The Troy"). Well... it was a grand ole' time as usual. Retreats typically are just fun because you they are like a mini vacation where you get away from the routine of life... even if it is just for a day or two.

But on Saturday night, two of my favorite female friends (both of whom are dating, mind you) were arguing over who would get to dance with me. A scuffle ensued as they were both trying to jockey for my attention... and in the process, I expelled some gas orally (that is verbose way of saying I burped). Now this release of gas was not intentional... nor was it audible. But one of the ladies stopped in the middle of fighting off the other and said, "did you just burp." I was busted... because I knew that I had, but I also knew that the only reason she knew was that she had smelled it. (Yes, I do realize how gross that is... but it is what it is)

Much laughter ensued from that revelation... and it was quite enjoyable (albeit at my expense).

So later on in the evening (during the lip sync show), I still had the occasional need to expel gas orally. I was sitting next to one of the aforementioned ladies, so I was sure to direct these burps in the opposite direction. However, at one point, I decided to direct a burp into my shirt (you know... to muffle it from the surrounding innocent bystanders).

Well... I was caught red handed by the yound lady next to me, and she said, "Did you just burp into your shirt?" Again, much laughter ensued.

Now remember, the two ladies who caught me burping were the two who desperately wanted to dance with me. I fear their names will never again grace my dance card...


Dustin said...

"I expelled some gas orally"

Again, rack him! Good job T-Rich

knelson said...

Todd - are you saying that the "evolution of dance" video was made at your retreat?

Justin said...

Don't worry. They will still dance with you. Desperate girls will dance with anyone.

Todd Richards said...

Just for the record... none of these burps were audible.

And Ms. Kathy... no the Evolution of Dance was not at our retreat. But a guy did do some dancing that was as funny as the Evolution of Dance.