Monday, March 31, 2008

Full Disclosure

We will all agree that the fashion rules for men are a lot less stringent than those that apply to women. We have fewer items to coordinate... we can mix or match items with more ease... etc, etc. But there are a few easy rules that do apply to us that I try to hold to. They are as follows:

1. When wearing slacks, a belt is not just a functional item... and therefore, it is not optional. This rule is basically true whenever you tuck your shirt in. Wear a belt.

2. Said belt should be the same color (or at least in the same family of colors) as your shoes.

3. Socks should match your pants - not your shoes. And they certainly should not be a different color from both the pants and the shoes.

Like I said, I try to hold to these general rules at all times. But today, I somehow left my apartment in violation of rule #1. Fortunately, I am wearing a sweater... so my fashion faux pas is well concealed. But I know... and sometimes that is just worse. Kinda like when you "get away" with a lie as a kid, but your parents know the truth. They let you stew in your web of lies until it eats you up so much that you just have to confess. This blog post is just such a confession.

And Happy Opening Day to all you baseball fans.


palomita said...

This post blesses me.

Nicole Starch said...

I'll be lending you my copy of Stacey and Clinton's What Not To Wear book. I know you thumbed through it, but your list of rules is sadly lacking.

And here's to a great season Astros!!!

Todd Richards said...

That is not an exhaustive list by any means...

The Traveler said...

Albe Puhols!!! Happy opening day!!!

Ulovebeth said...

It's kind of ironic that all the rules for women are pretty much opposite.

Women are now being told to belt their waist over their shirt to cinch it. It's really uncomfortable and when I try to do it, the belt slides up and I look like Steve Urkahl.

I'm so glad you blog about sports and fashion. THE PERFECT MAN! :)