Saturday, March 29, 2008

Solo Ski Trip - #2

I went for another day of skiing again today - this time I hit Lake Louise. I liked it for the most part, but the conditions were poor. It snowed the whole time I was there (actually stopped at 4:00 as I was taking my last run of the day). The powder was pretty good as a result, but the visibility was horrible - and that brought out the apprehensive/timid skier in me. I stuck to blues, and only attempted one black run. That black run saw me sliding down the hill unable to stop. Not cool. Part of the reason for the uncontrolable sliding was the icy conditions (which I found out is because the base at Lake Louise is man-made snow). Anyway, I think I prefer Sunshine... so that will be the venue for Solo Ski Trip #3 (if there is one). I did find another good run with nice moguls... and I did it a number of times. The last time, I actually said (quite loudly, actually) "Why do I keep doing this run?" It was a beast... but I kinda enjoyed it.

I did have an interesting moment while driving back to Calgary. There is a stretch of the road that runs very close to a huge mountain. I mean the mountains are all around you as you drive (and, of course, they are all huge)... but this one in particular is REALLY close to the road - so its size appears even bigger. I get nervous every time I drive by it, and I realized why today. It is because the mountain is so much bigger than I am. That sounds stupid, but that is exactly what it is. I realized that I don't always have that kind of reverence for God, though. I mean the mountain can't do anything to me... but God can take me out in an instant. So while I am not advocating that Christians go though life scared of God... I was just reminded today that I do not always have the healthy fear of Him that I should. I mean I am not really scared of the mountain either... but I am very careful when I drive by it. In the same way, I should care more about how I live my life since God has called me to be perfect as He is perfect. Fortunately, He desires that kind of holiness in my more than I do... so He is actively working to bring it about. Speaking to me through His creation is just one way that He does that.

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