Friday, March 14, 2008

Is That Toilet Paper in the Sky?

Last Saturday night, I saw something I thought I would only see in pictures. I was out with a couple friends at a house party, and on the way home one of them said she saw the Northern Lights off in the distance. I was ecstatic because this is truly one of those things that Texans and Louisianians rarely (if ever) get to see. So the other friend drove to a place where we could see God show off a bit.

While the show was not as dramatic as you may see in movies or pictures, it was definitely a treat. There was one spot that was really bright, and the rest of it just danced around a little.

I enjoyed it for obvious reasons, but it also reminded me of something my brother and I used to do when we were kids. My mom always bought Northern toilet paper, and my brother and I used to throw the rolls around the house calling it the Northern Lights. Now we didn't do this all the time, but I think we did it more than once. In any event, it is a memory I have that just makes me laugh... and it made me smile last weekend as well.


Nicole Starch said...

When my mom would go grocery shopping, she'd bring home those brown paper bags. I'd turn them upside down, cut arm holes and a neck hole, decorate them and pretend they were armor. As a young girl, you never know how many brown paper dragons you might have to vanquish.

The Traveler said...

I normally don't leave comments about other comments, but I must admit that is HILARIOUS!!! Oh yeah and vanquish is a great word.