Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mid Life Crisis?

I don't think I am going through a mid-life crisis (mostly because I hope I have not yet hit the middle of my life). But I got a rental car yesterday because my Mazda is in the shop for some minor repairs; and I got a convertible PT Cruiser. It was all they had available in the price range that was covered by the insurance. I can hardly imagine driving it with the top up. Driving with the top down is such a new and different thing for me. One of my good friends discussed this phenomenon on her blog. Her perspective turned into a much more spiritual one than mine has...

For me, I feel just a little bit cooler driving around town with my rag top down so my hair can blow - girls on standby, waiting just to say hi. Do I stop? No... I just drive by - keep on, pursuing to the next stop.

But I digress... my fear is that I am going to end up being one of those 55 year old men who buys a convertible to feel young. May such a thing never be true of me.

In any event, convertibles are fun. So I will enjoy it while I can.


ADW said...

Todd, just remember all the age 55 and older convertible drivers you've seen:

convertible = good.
convertible + baseball cap = good.
combover = bad.
convertible + combover = really really really bad.

I'm just sayin...perspective.

Mandy said...

I saw a guy around the age of 55 today driving one of these. He was even wearing an Indiana Jones type of hat. Thought of you with your hair blowing in the wind and it made me laugh. :)