Friday, August 08, 2008

888 is the new 777

I read an article earlier today that explained how today is viewed as a very lucky day in Chinese culture because of all the 8's involved. It was for this reason that the city of Beijing chose to open this year's Olympic Games on this day. Something about the number 8 being circular and round... I didn't retain all the particulars. The article also talked about how two years ago there was talk of the Antichrist being born on June, 6 2006. Apparently, superstition is no respector of religon or faith background.

In any event, if today is really supposed to be the luckiest of days... I may have to change my evening plans. I am currently scheduled to watch the above referenced opening ceremonies at home with a handful of friends. But I am thinking I should hit the clubs... who's with me?

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Nicole Starch said...

I'm going to blow my car payment on some lotto tickets. And maybe join an underground craps ring tonight. Luck be a lady tonight. . . Oops. That doesn't sound right. Todd, you should play crazy eights. And btw, I'm a 100% expert master on one song on Rock Band. Just one, but we're getting somewhere.