Friday, August 11, 2006

That thing is good... I mean REAL good

I just finished eating a gyro from Antone's. I can't tell if it is that I was hungry (cuz I was even though I had a decent breakfast) or if the gyro was that much of a standout meal. Seriously, from the frist bite, I wanted to be friends with it. The meat was perfectly seasoned... the only drawback was that it was a bit messy. But good food always is, right?

Anyway, later I will be enjoying my 7 layer bar from Antones (mid-afternoon coffee snack). I hope it pleases at least half as much as the gyro.


Todd Richards said...

This just in... the 7 Layer bar is living up to my expectations. Antone's doesn't get enough air time... that place is good.

Laurie said...

"I wanted to be friends with it."

That line brings me so much joy.

blakely said...

my first few encounters with antone's weren't so great, but we've grown to be good friends. glad you enjoyed.

brian said...

Its the best sandwich in the entire world...its science.