Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Take me out to the ball game....

for 18 innings.

Last night, I went to the 2nd 18 inning game in Astros history. I did not, however, stay for the second set of 9. My buddies and I left after the 9th.

I did, however, attempt to will the Astros to a W by watching them on TV. I stayed up with them until 12:30 (yes, I am paying for it this morning). I retired to my slumber after the 17th inning ended... only to wake up this morning to find out the following:

1. The game only lasted one more inning (I could have stayed up for that).
2. The Astros lost.
3. Lidge has officially been pulled from the closer position.

Number 3 is one of those bits of information that you know needs to happen, but you don't really want it to (kinda like putting a dog to sleep). I heard this last night during the game... and apparently it has been discussed on the sports radio stations lately... but Lidge just has not been the same since the Pujols debacle of 2005.

A highlight of the night for me was when Mateo hit Clemmens in the 5th... only to have Clemmens take the mound and instill fear in Theriot by aiming straight for his chest/face region. I mean the Rocket was relentless... and while I felt a little wrong for encouraging such behavior, I cheered it on with the rest of the home fans. Roger received his warning and the game went on. Good times!


Eye Doctor Justin said...

I think Milo Hamilton lulled me to sleep somewhere in the 15th or 16th.

Eye Doctor Justin said...

On another note, Fair is an awesome band. Their lead singer Aaron Sprinkle has a solo project called Lackluster that is worth checking out. Also, check out Carla Bruni. Its French, but awesome.

Todd Richards said...

The song by Fair was one that I had to hear a couple times before I listed it as a favorite. That is part of what I like about Pandora... it will play some of the same songs multiple times. And since I have it minimized, I am not swayed by who it is... just how it sounds. Pandora is truly fantastic.

And in other news... I have decided that I only like baseball in the following months: April, August, September, October. I pretty much ignore it the other 8 months of the year.

Stacy said...

i was glued to the tv the first time the astros played an 18 inning game as they were playing my braves. and i will forever remember burke for his homer that ended the season that night for the braves. but all loyalties aside, the astros at that time had the bullpen to make it to the world series. we did not and still don't. feel bad for him but the last several times i've seen him, lights out lidge has been lit up. it's like watching my braves' bullpen. i feel your pain...