Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I am finally 30 years old. Wow.

I remember when my mother turned 30. Yeah... I can remember when my mother turned 30. Give it a second, and the weight of that may hit you.

Seriously, I remember that my parents' close friends at the time had us over for dinner... and there as cake. When they brought out the cake, it had 30 candles on it... and it was glowing. They all laughed and made fun of the fact that she was 30.

And now that is me. Seriously, I am 30 years old. Why is that such a big deal in our society? And add to that the fact that my left hand currently does not have any sort of precious metal on it... and you are left with what many people think to be a miserable existence.

At this point, I wanted to present a top 30 list of reasons I am glad I am single... but I only came up with 3.

So instead, I will present a top 30 list of "Things I am Thankful for on my 30th Birthday"

(i didn't take the time to put these in the order of importance... so just realize that some are more important than others. it is a little cheesy, long, and serious... but cut me some slack - i'm 30 years old.)

1. My justification before the Lord

2. My relationship with the Lord

3. My on-going sanctification (I don't always feel thankful for this one)

4. My parents

5. My brother and sister-in-law

6. My nephew (yeah, he gets his own number on the list)

7. The friends I have made at HFBC (including those who have moved away)

8. My friends from college (even though I don't always keep in touch with them)

9. My friends from high-school (even though I keep in touch with them even less)

10. A job that pays me

11. A God-honoring, Bible-teaching local church

12. My college experience in Ruston, Louisiana

13. A well-located house (with a/c)

14. A car that runs (and has a/c)

15. A great history of roommates (in college and here in Houston)

16. A comfortable bed to sleep on

17. A desire to know God (even though I don't always follow that desire)

18. Clean water to drink

19. Money to purchase breakfast, lunch, and dinner

20. Clothes to wear

21. A Bible in a language I understand

22. The opportunity to live in England and Germany as a child/teenager

23. The opportunity to be in Berlin the day the restrictions were lifted between East Berlin and West Berlin

24. The opportunity to be on mission for the Lord in Mexico, Kazakstan, India,
Guatemala, and Cuba

25. A mind that can comprehend things

26. Eyes that see (if aided by glasses)

27. Ears that can hear

28. A mouth that can speak

29. Freedom in Christ

30. The fact that this list really could be longer....

So there you have it... for what it's worth. At the age of 30, I am doing just fine.


Sarah said...

What a marvelous post! Happy birthday, my friend.

Kim Berry said...

We printed out your list and it's on the wall in our house. Here's to family, friends, God, and roommates! Great post!

PT said...

Welcome to the club, T-Rich. The best is yet to come.

Megan said...

happy belated birthday! we celebrated my todd's birthday over a nice steak dinner last night. we kept it low key. i'm thankful we are still friends after ALL these years. you'll always be a person whose friendship we really cherish!

Carissa said...

Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday Hot Toddie!

Eye Doctor Justin said...

If you ever need help with #26... let me know

Jeanine said...

I'm a bit late...but Happy Birthday!

Ryan said...

Welcome to the thirties my friend. I'm honored to be on your long history of great roomates list. I'll never forget moving in with you to discover I would be using a shower that was held to the wall via duct tape.