Monday, July 24, 2006

I am in love...

This morning, I turned on my computer and decided to check out iTunes. I am reletively new to the iTunes arena, but I can say that I truly enjoy it. However, that is not the object of my newly found love.

One of the freatures of iTunes is what they call "Indie Spotlight." This week, the Indie Spotlight focuses on jazz... and at the top of their list is a young lady by the name of Sophie Milman.

She was born in Russia... fled to Israel with her family... and now lives in Canada. But all that is secondary to her amazing voice. Check her out.


Shanna said...

1200 American Christian girls in Summit and Todd is in love with the Russian Israeli who lives in Canada. Go figure.

bb said...

thanks for the good music!

i will add her to "jazzy cd." and everyone will ask me, "who is this?" and i will know the answer. yay.