Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

Well, it is over. Twenty-plus months have finally come to an end, and the outcome is not what I hoped for. However, I like to think of my cup as being half full, so I will offer a few thoughts.

I watched the election results last night with some friends of mine, and none of us voted for the man who will be our next President. So the mood was a bit cynical and disappointed. However, when Senator Obama came out to give his speach, the reality of what was happening sunk in for me. A man who would have been counted as only 3/5 of a person when our country was formed was elected to the most powerful office in the world. The significance of that was breathtaking for me. I realize that is not news to anyone. It was not news to me last night; it just hit me in a fresh way. I am not saying that I suddenly think that Barak Obama is a good choice to lead our country - I still don't think he is. I was just impressed with the fact that he won considering the adversity his ancestors have had in this great land we live in.

On a much more eternal and important note, ever since I became a Christian, I have not looked to the government for my security. I know where my security is - it is in Heaven, held by the King of kings - Jesus Christ. So since I do not expect security from my government, I also do not fear my government. So I am not fearful or depressed by the outcome. As noted above, I still do not agree with Barak Obama's policies and philosophy of government, but my Heavenly Father knew the results of last night's election before the foundation of the world. If He allowed (or dare I say appointed) it to turn out the way it did, I need not resent the results. He has it under control. The Bible tells us that those who trust in Him shall not be put to shame. So four(or even eight) years is truly a blink of an eye.

That's all I got. Now go out and get a Red Cup of coffee from Starbucks. For the record, I think it is too early for these to be out; but they didn't ask me.


Carissa said...

Todd - I was feeling exactly the same way, but you worded it so well that I sent a link to your blog to a few people I know so they can be uplifted by your words as well! :)

Nicole Starch said...

Good for you Todd. I've had to listen to several people whine about the end of the world, or the antichrist, or the second reign of Nero. My response is very much the same as yours. Funny, since I voted for Nicolae Carp - I mean that guy everyone is so scared of, that you and I can come to the same conclusion. I have some further thoughts on this that I'll think I'll throw in the ring as I can formulate them.

Troy said...

I had started to write a "parasite blog" comment about how frustrated I am with this, but, after being fatigued during the writing, I think I will simplify my statements by saying that I agree November is just way too early.

Teresa said...

Well said, T.