Thursday, November 06, 2008

Canadian Effects

It has been just over a year since I first arrived in Calgary, and I have noticed a few things that have stuck with me from my time there.

1. I sign my emails with "cheers." I know that is not uniquely Canadian, but it isn't very American either. I saw it a lot up there, and I liked it. So now I used it.

2. I say "for sure" all the time. Again, this is not unique to Canada (so few things are, actually), but it is definitely not native to Texas or Louisiana.

3. I still say "eh" at the end of some sentences. This one is more associated with Canada than anything else. I like that I have adopted it, actually.

So there you have it - the lasting effects of my trip to Canada.

There are various others that are not blog worthy, for sure. These are just the ones I want to share.

Subtle, eh?



Laurie said...

Oh you are a clever one, Todd.
By the way, my blog entry today is dedicated to you.

Teresa said...
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Nicole Starch said...

It's been ten years since my time in Dinorwic, Ontario and I still say "eh" sometimes. I also sometimes say "bag" "out" and "sorry" in a way that makes other folks laugh at me. Anybody want a soda-pop? Yep, there's a another. Watch Fargo - it'll make you laugh . . . considering your new language additions. BTW, the word verification still makes me laugh. Since when is "ordess" a word? Call it strange mixture of letters verification.

Troy said...

This post is a fun read. Now, I'm curious of how much of an influence you had on your Calgarian coworkers. I would love to hear a Canadian saying "ya'll."

Nicole Starch said...

Todd, I know interesting things have happened in your life in the last month and forever so please - please - help me end a tad of workplace boredom and don't let the blog die. . . Long live Toddatello.