Monday, September 08, 2008

Spin it, baby... spin it!

We Republicans love to criticize the "liberal media."

Well, this short video from The Daily Show shows how difficult it is to tell a story accurately when people keep spinning differently things depending on the situation. Granted, some of these clips may be taken out of context... but I think Jon has left enough context in to get his point across. And (unfortunately) he makes that point very well in my opinion.

What this video does not show is how the Democrats do the same thing when the tables are turned. Case in point: the private life of President Clinton was none of our business... but the private life of the daughter of a Vice President candidate is a different story.

For more on this, you may want to check out Thank You For Smoking. Fair warning, there is at least one scene in that movie that will be offensive to most viewers.


PT said...

Let's set Jon straight.

The "media" Jon is using are from opinion pieces. Everyone knows O-Reilly is an opinion show...just like the opinion section of your local newspaper.

The liberal media bias though is in the headlines of your local paper and on the tickers of CNN & MSNBC. And from the mouth of Wolf Blitzer, Cambell Brown, and Dan Rather....all people who are supposed to be reporting objectively.

O'Reilly and Rove are opinion reporters.

There's a huge difference and it's not on both sides.

Todd Richards said...

That is fair, PT. However, the point is not so much whether or not the media is biased. That was just my opening line (which I now realize was incorrectly used).

The point is that the opinions of the Rove and O'Reilly change depending on who they are talking about. They are talking out of the proverbial both sides of their mouths. That problem with that is that they look foolish.

Lisa said...

double-minded thinking=foolishness. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Lisa said...