Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Because People Like to Say Salsa

On Sunday, I cleaned out the fridge in my apartment. Since I have been in Canada for the past 7 months, it has accumulated various items that should have been discarded long ago. My roommate has known this, but (understandably) it is has just been easier to ignore the issue. I could not ignore it, however, because I was used to a very lean and clean fridge in Calgary.

During the cleansing process, I discovered that we have 8 jars of salsa in our fridge. Eight jars. EIGHT! I mean that is just crazy. The cause of this phenomenon is multiple parties/gatherings that have been held in our apartment over the past 6-9 months. Being that we live in Texas and that my roommate has started a ministry that is connected to a country in central America... these gatherings tend to involve Tex Mex fare. Hence... salsa galore.

And to be fair, we have mild, medium, and hot... green and red... as well as a variety of brands. So if you are in need of salsa, stop by and I can hook you up.


Laurie said...

I read your title and then actually said "salsa" out loud. Then I laughed at myself.

palomita said...

I said it out loud my best Hot Toddy impression.