Thursday, December 06, 2007

Under Pressure

(cue the David Bowie song as background music)

I realized yesterday that I don't like myself when I am under pressure. The past few days have been terribly busy for me here at work. (Clearly things have eased up slightly since I have time to blog, right?) But I just didn't like myself. I was short with people... I was even referred to as "snippy." That is just not who I am under normal circumstances.

But therein lies the rub, eh? When my circumstances change, my personality changes. When things are not as I would have them to be, I become someone I was not meant to be.

So last night as I was going to sleep, God reminded me of my circumstances.
  • I live in an appartment that has heat in a city that is experiencing prolonged periods of below freezing temperatures.
  • I do not want for food. In fact, I could stand to eat a lot less.
  • I have a job. Even if it is a bit stressful at times, nobody's life is at stake.
Of course, there are many other blessings and positive things I could list above... but those are the ones God specifically reminded me of.

So the point is that sometimes I just have to choose to not let things affect me. And when faced with the way my reality compares to that of others... that is an easy choice, I guess.

Sorry for not being funny and lighthearted today... maybe tomorrow.

(end music)

1 comment:

Ulovebeth said...

und-ah pres-shahh!

Sorry you have to be so far away from your honey during this time. I would give you hugs everyday if I was there.

I'll pray for hugs for you. But only for side hugs from guys and other hugs from only ugly girls.

Mrs. Richards