Thursday, August 09, 2007

Good Times at Starbucks...

The other night, my friend LB and I were returning from dinner and she wanted to stop at Starbucks to pick up a deliciously overpriced beverage. Well, when LB and I are together – the laughter just doesn’t seem to stop. So as we were driving up to the drive-thru window we were laughing and talking about something… and I overshot the ordering speaker box.

The voice asked if we were ready, and I told her that we needed a couple minutes. LB then told me that she wanted a Grande Orange Mocha Latte. I turned to order and realized that I was past the ordering speaker box… so I said, “Oh, I missed the thing…” The voice in the box said, “you want a Venti Mocha?” What?!?! How did she get that from what I said? Well, LB and I commenced to laughing pretty hard… and I finally got out that she would like a Grande Orange Mocha Latte.

The next thing we heard was a guy on the speaker asking if we would like an Orange Mocha McFlurry. This was followed by much laughter on both sides of the speaker… and as I drove away from the speaker, I said, “They totally think we are drunk.” Apparently, I was still in ear shot, because that brought on more laughter from the friendly baristas… which only caused me and LB to laugh more as well.

I am sure this story does not translate well in that is probably was one of those “you had to be there” moments. But suffice it to say that LB and I found it extremely hilarious… as did the baristas.