Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wierdisms... thanks, Dovie

So I have been tagged ... and I will respond. I will not, however, tag anyone else. Sorry. All the people I would tag have been tagged...

These are in no particular order:

1. I always feel the need to explain myself (see the line above this one).

2. I have a difficult time sitting for extended periods of time without crossing one leg over the other (in the fully masculine way as opposed to the feminine way...oh, and this is also an example of #1).

3. I have two wierd sleep habits. Of course, this could be broken into two different items, but I will combine them as one. I must have a fan or some other "white noise" making machine going in order to get to sleep. I also have a horrible habbit of snoozing for inordinate amounts of time.

4. I can stretch my arm around the back of my neck in a very odd manner... and would do this quite frequently as a child. Ask me to demonstrate if you ever see me in person.

5. I blog about Norah Jones. Enough said.

6. I treat text messages like real communication. By that, I mean that I rarely abbreviate and I use punctuation when needed. Oh... and I use a lot of ellipses marks.


Dustin said...

This has got to be one of the most honest posts I have ever read. And by that, let me explain.....

Ulovebeth said...

I have a picture of you doing that weird arm thing from years ago. Maybe I shouldn't have told you so I could sell it one day after you marry Norah Jones.