Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Featured Pandora Station - Guster

This week's Pandora station is Guster. I made it through the week of country music, but I will not likely be doing that again for a while. That music is just not enjoyable to me unless I am dancing...

Guster may produce some stuff very similar to other stations I have listened to in the past, so we'll see.

If anyone has any suggestions for future Pandora stations... just let me know.


EBay said...

I love how you refer to it as "that music." Although probably not the way you intended it, I am hearing it in the same tone as "who let 'that dog' in the house?" I share your sentiment... absent dancing, I just can't get that much into country.

Anonymous said...

How about Jessica Simpson! Good music there!



Elton John?

Just some thoughts..

Anonymous said...


Go to this link for a awesome NKOTB experience!

Todd Richards said...

Wow! That was some good stuff... well, in the "remember when" sort of way.

Eye Doctor Justin said...

These are good times:

Leeland (my fav right now)

Carla Bruni

Denison Witmer

Corrine Bailey Rae

Ok Go

Better Than Ezra (I'm totally jamming this right now)