Thursday, September 15, 2005


Yep... Attention Deficit Disorder. I am convinced that I have it... and that it has only recently set in. Here are a couple examples of why I think I have been stricken with this "condition."

This morning, I was getting ready in the bathroom. By "getting ready," I am referring to shaving, brushing my teeth, and adjusting the appearance of my hair so as not to get fired when I arrive at work (aka - using "product"). The A.D.D. part came in while shaving. I lathered up my face with the shaving cream (I use the gel, actually... something I learned from my dad). Anyway, I was standing there with my face all lathered up... and I grabbed my toothbrush and started running it under the hot water. Now the obvious issue here is not the first thing that occured to me... instead, the first thing that occured to me was that I was about to use hot water to brush my teeth, and that struck me as odd because who does that? I had completely forgotten about shaving my face. I am laughing even as I type this... so anyway, I realized my error, put the toothbrush back in the holder, grabbed my razor, and finished my morning routine.

Another example involves printing at work. I print to two different printers depending on the application I am using. Many times, I will print something... and then instinctively know that I have to "go to the printer" to get it. But on the way to the printer... I forget which printer I am going to. Now the two printers are on opposite sides of the building (I can explain why I use two printers another time). There have been many instances where I get to printer A only to find that there are no print jobs with my name on them. Then I remember that I printed to printer B.

So there you have it... I am officially A.D.D. (self-diagnosed, of course). It is a wonder how I get though posting an entire blog that is still understandable.


dovie said...

I loved: "I was about to use hot water to brush my teeth...who does that?"

I've actually done that, due to what I like to call sleepy brain syndrome (all you non-morning types will understand that b/c it takes a while to get all the neurons firing in the morning, especially without coffee).

What's sad (read: embarrassing) is that most of the time, I do realize what is happenening, but I'm too lazy to turn off the hot water and switch to cold, because, let's face it: how long does it really take to brush your teeth anyway? And, is all the extra morning-energy-effort worth the cold brush-your-teeth water?

Erin said...

ditto erin. kinda like how i put frozen foods in the pantry sometimes or crackers in the freezer when unloading groceries.

leslie said...


I do not think you have ADD, although your story is funny. I hang out with kids all day who have ADD (and I'm not counting myself!), I just think you and everyone is absent minded sometimes.

Carissa said...

I belly-laughed imagining you picking up your toothbrush and attempting to "shave" with it! I know that's not how your story goes, but one morning when you're a little bit more tired than you were this time, I can see it happening!

Erin said...

identify with this?

riles said...

You know, Todd, I identify with this too much. And this makes me wonder about the fact that we are both in accounting. I mean, isn't that scary for all of those shareholders out there? I think I would much prefer an anal person to me in any accounting capacity. :)

Karla said...

I can identify with the morning routine ADD...but I think, like Dovie, mine is just a matter of being a non-morning person. I've actually gotten half-way through and realized I didn't remember any of it. Where was I? I also have midday ADD, though. Not a good thing when you're the teacher! I think we're just too busy, with too much to do and we can't process it all because we were never meant to be this busy.