Friday, July 29, 2005

I Like Funny Words... That's What I Like

The title of this post is actually a quote from an SNL skit where Will Farrell is portraying the lead singer of the B-52's. He is explaining how he comes up with the titles of songs like "Rock Lobster." It is one of Farrell's best skits on SNL... and I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it anywhere on the internet... but it exists.

Funny words... I think we all have words or sayings that we use with our friends that only we think are funny. For example... today at work, our Admin brought in some snacks for us to graze on during the day. One of the items in the trough is a bowl of pistachio nuts. When I saw them, I instantly called them "pi-stanky-toes." The people around me were slightly taken aback by this rather uncouth name I had just given to the food they were about to eat.

Well... the term "pi-stanky-toes" was coined by my college roommate and I... and it will forever be what I call pistachio nuts (at least in my head... I think I will refrain from blurting it out in public from now on). Unfortunately, no one but my old roommate will really appreciate the humor in it. But it did get a few laughs today... so I got that goin' for me... which is nice.

So for those of you reading... share your "funny words" with the rest of us.


Laurie said...

In my family when you really want to cut someone down you say to them..."You are a Boon-dah!". Now I have no idea what a boon-dah is, but it seems to be a bad thing. My brother coined the term when he was about two years old.

riles said...

I like how you referred to all of you as grazers. What an idea. :) Also, I'm sure Chris Keith would be proud of your Caddyshack reference. In fact, I'm proud of it, too. It has not come to mind while blogging.

Nevertheless, I like funny words, too. Problem is, I make them up as I go, and I can't do it when I try, so I will just end my comment as I really have nothing to add.

Arshunda said...

Confusterated--confused to the point of sheer frustration

When I notice someone with a whole lotta weave/bad weave/obvious weave/etc, they are "unbeweaveable"

dovie said...

mornon - one whose moronic state or qualities seat him or her at the head of all morons; a step-change in relation to regular morons.

susannah said...

Amy Hodge is the queen of funny sayings - she needs to write a book. One of my favorite "Hodgisms" is when she needs to shave her legs, she says "my walkers need mowing."

I know that's more of a funny saying than a funny word, but I bet you laughed anyway.