Monday, May 09, 2005

Lessons from sunsets and rainbows

Last night, I was driving back from Louisiana... went to see my Mom for Mother's Day. Well, as I was driving back to Houston, there was some pretty bad weather ahead of me. As I got closer to Houston, the worse the weather was. But then, in the distance... I could see the clouds lifting. Now this was all happening around 7:30 PM - which is currently the time the sun sets. So as the clouds were lifting, the sun was setting... and it made for a strange yet beautiful site to drive toward. The sun was reflecting off of the dark clouds with a beautiful orange/yellow color. I was reminded of the verse in Revelation that says that in Heaven we will not need the sun... because God Himself will be the light.

So as if that site was not beautiful enough... I turned to my left and what did I see? Well, I guess if you read the title of this post you guessed a rainbow. Regardless, that is what I saw. So on the one side, I saw the sun setting in a beautiful way, above me were dark clouds, and to my left was a symbol of God's faithfulness.

But here is the part that truly spoke to me... the sites were beautiful, but there was a lesson to be taught in them... a reminder of a truth that I know already. I noticed that as soon as the sun dropped below the horizon, the rainbow disappeared. Now we know that to be true because of physics and such. But moving beyond that... the following thought crossed my mind: "Without the sun (Son), there is no rainbow (Promise). Without Christ, there are no promises of God. Christ is the means by which all of God's promises are fulfilled. Because of His obedience on earth... leading up to and including the cross... we are granted God's promise of life. He is the way, the truth, the life. Without Him... there is nothing. So just as the visual site of a rainbow is dependent on the light shining forth from the sun, the promises of salvation and sanctification are dependent on Christ.

And to top it off, the following song was playing in my car:

"Your grace is sufficient for me... Your strength is made perfect when I am weak... Your grace is sufficient for me..." - Shane and Shane


kristxag said...

God teaches me through things like that quite often. I'm amazed how much the Lord speaks to me while driving down the Katy freeway (seriously!). Just seeing the busyness of the city...I don't know, but this was a great post!

Anonymous said...

I love Toddatello inga bogova na no no.

Ryan said...

Awesome imagery, Todd. Reminds me of the experience I had in Australia. It's cool how God's truth is always true yet revealed to each of us in different ways and different times, but done in such a way that it always sticks with us.