Friday, May 13, 2005

Fortune Cookies

OK, I have finally had it with fortune cookies. I just had lunch at a Chinese restaurant up the street from my building, and I received the most interesting "fortune" in my fortune cookie. Before I get to that... my real question is this: does anyone still believe in these things? I mean does anyone really read the little strip of paper and think that what it says has any credence whatsoever?

Oh... and the lotto numbers on the back... those are rich. I bet there are plenty of people in America who faithfully play the lotto with those nubmers and every week they are disappointed.

I am curious where the fortune cookie began. I will have to do some google searching and get back on that. But for now... here is the "fortune" that I received today:

"You like participating in competitive sports."

First off... this is not a fortune. It is merely a sentence that may apply to any individual. If it had said, "You will like participating in competitive sports" I may have given it a second thought (except for the fact that I don't believe in such hogwash).

Second off... well, if you know me at all, you know how ridiculous that is.

So I rest my case (a case that should not need to be argued, but I fear that it does need to be argued with far too many people). Fortune cookies are rediculous. Tasty? Yes. Good for making life decisions? Not so much.


Joel said...
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Joel said...

I saw this a couple of days ago...

Todd, if only you trusted in fortune lotto numbers more. ;)

(btw, I deleted the last comment since the link didn't show up correctly)

kristxag said...

Welcome to the blog-world, my friend!

Fortune cookies are a funny thing. And the worst part is they don't even taste good! :)

leslie said...

so true! Who writes those things anyways?

Todd Richards said...

Here is the answer you have all been wating for...

Erin said...

hey todd...through a very random sequence of events, i found you First folks on this blogging thing (i'm a newbie). anyways, funny thing is my older sister gets totally annoyed with how "fortunes" aren't fortunes at all but rather statements...she actually called the number listed on the wrapper one time to complain and put them in their place - but i think they didn't really care at all. haha.

TLC said...

This post had me rolling. The first paragraph after your actual fortune brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard.

By the way, I don't know if I know you or not... you might be one of the many cool people I've met through Dovie and Mike and Basim and Dr. Dennis, etc... or perhaps not. But I found you through a comment you posted on Dovie's blog, in which you referred to my use of the word "floozy." So... there you have it.

Have a nice day, potential-stranger/potential-friend!


P.S. I heart Texas.

Jeff said...

that's why I rely on the 8 ball !