Monday, July 28, 2008

The Power of Advertising

I feel like a tool... I bought the LG Shine phone. You know, the one that Brody and Lauren from The Hills advertise. I feel like a tool because I like to think I am above the power of advertising - especially advertising that involves characters from a show like The Hills. But clearly I am not. I will say that the phone is pretty sweet. I will also say that I had no idea who Brody and Lauren are until after I decided to buy the phone. I just thought they were a random commercial actor and actress. I had no idea they were part of one of the most rediculous "reality" shows on tv. In any event, I am now well equipped to check out hot girls as they walk past me while sitting outside with my equally hot girlfriend while she applies lip gloss. My life is complete.

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Nicole Starch said...

Um, hellooo! She is not dating Brody. They tried but OMG he's such a playa! They're just friends now, but kind of in that "I still wish you only had eyes for me, Brody Jenner, but as long as you don't, I'll roll my eyes at you craning your neck to check out every hot chick that passes our way." Seriously Todd, this is serious television, serious reality, and if you can't recognize this, then I just don't know if we can hang. ;-) And before I sign off completely, let me just say that the "word verification" under this comment is "ireik." I used deoderant and I showered this morning, so now I'm doubly offended by toddatello. Ha ha.