Monday, June 18, 2007

Thursday iPod Stories

Story One - "iPod Lost and Found"

Last week, I had quite a scare. I got in my car on Thursday morning to head out on my "commute" to work, and I opened the center console to retreive my iPod. When I saw that it was not there... I really think I may have gasped. I was horrified. I knew I had it on my drive home the night before, so I couln't imagine where it was. I caused myself to be late to work by looking all over for it (I even looked in the trash). Well, fast forward to lunch time of the same day... I decided to look in my gym bag one more time. It had fallen into a side pocket that I don't use... so it had simply been overlooked. Poor thing. It must have felt so abandoned in there.

Story Two - "iPods and Panties"

Thursday night after METRO Live, I volunteered to take the musical guest to his hotel by Hobby airport. On the way down there, he said he really wanted to stop for some Taco Cabana because he can't get it in Nashville. So we pulled into the closest one and sat in the drive thru. As we sat, he commented that he was great friends with the guy singing the song that happened to be playing. He then asked if he could look at who else I have on my iPod... and I said sure. He thought that was awefully brave of me (and when he said that, I suddenly thought it was too... and I got a little nervous). So as he scrolled down, he commented on some of the artists I have (Beyonce', G. Love, and Nickle & Dime being the most notable) - but surely he noticed that he was not in there. D'oh! Oh well... he is now. Back to the story. When he finished his investigation, I told him that was quite an intimate moment for us to share since we had just met and all... to which he retortred, "yeah, it is kinda like I just looked through your panty drawer."

So my poor iPod spent the morning dealing with abandonment issues... and the late hours of the night dealing with identity issues.


ER said...

That is a funny story. So what did AP say about G. Love? Does he like the sauce?

Also, thanks a ton for taking him. I wanted to. Love his stuff, but needed to help my wife with the kids;)
See you thursday,

gL said...

men should not have pantie drawers.

Todd Richards said...

Right gL... and I don't. Don't worry.

gL said...

thanks for clarifying. AP was pretty funny, though sometimes his humor was so out there I was scratching my head a bit thinking wow... did he just say that...

Laurie said...

This is a GREAT blog entry...and the final line is priceless. Identity issues - ha!

Michelle said...

good thing he did not ask you to help him move.

Teresa said...

Great story Todd. What a neat experience. I'm jealous.