Friday, October 06, 2006


So I have been gone for a while. I took a family vacation... served on a jury... and now I am back. I plan to blog about both of those events, but work is a little busy. So I only have time to pimp out my new favorite CD (at least for the moment).

John Mayer's new CD - Continuum. This is some good stuff, y'all. His style seems to change with each CD that he produces, and each one has been good. This one is more mature than his previous three. By that, I mean that not all the songs are about him... or about his love interests... or whatever. So check it out.

Pandora is on hold as I am enjoying this CD too much.


mikehon said...

What's your take on "Waiting For The World To Change"?

Speaking as one half a generation older than Mayer, it seems like a cop-out.

His cover of "Bold As Love" doesn't seem to add anything to the original, or offer any new insights on the song.

I know a lot of people think Mayer has "saved the blues." The blues is gonna do fine, regardless of how many upper class white boys discover it or not.

Todd Richards said...

Good points, Mike... and I agree that "Waiting on the World to Change" is a cop-out. But my thing is that I am just glad to hear an adult opinion... even if I don't agree with it.

As for him saving the blues - I would not go that far. But I do see how he has broadened the listening audience a bit (to include those upper class white boys).

I just think the guy is extremely talented. I do, however, like his accoustic sound more than this electrically charged one. Either way... the cd is good.

leslie said...

hey, you need to add me as your friend on myspace!! I can't add you b/c I have a music myspace.

You also, should put a pic of you with the new, slick glasses up!