Friday, October 21, 2005

Emotional Involvement

So I have always been pretty aloof when it comes to getting emotionally involved with others. I am an emotional person, to be sure. But I try to guard myself from letting other people/things get to me emotionally. I always expect the worst case scenario so as to always be pleasantly surprised when the outcome is favorable. So some may say I am a pessimist (or call me Debbie Downer), which is fair to a degree.

But recently, I have let myself get emotionally invoved. I have opened the flood gates and given my heart away. I have fought it for a few years... as there has always been something in the way to keep me from truly letting that wall down.

But recently, I have decided to throw caution to the wind.

I am speaking - of course - of the Houston Astros. They have won more than the NLCS... they have won over another fan. Now many will say that I am merely a fair weather fan who is hopping on a bandwagon. To a degree, that may be true. I had written the Killer Bee's off in June of this year, but was still hopeful for next year. I have only been into the 'Stros for about 6 years... and this year I have decided they are worth the effort. So time will tell if my heart stays with them..

So to all the lifers out there who have been in a love affair with the Astros for years... I congratulate you in this season of joy as well.

Will the Astros win it all? Who can tell for sure this side of October 30. But one thing is for sure... they will give it their best shot, and I will probably cry if they don't. But such is the price you pay for getting emotionally involved with another.


Erin said...

you continue to climb the adorable-o-meter, todd. i about teared up right now! :) so great.

Aimee said...

Welcome to the world of Astro-mania! The world series ride will be a great one. It's fantastic seeing this happen to a group with so many gret's just icing on the cake!


Ryan said...

So true, so true. After 20 years of heart break its tough to stay positive. Nontheless, they find ways of bringing you back for little pieces of heartbreak. Here's to this year being different.